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Royal Club of Gastronomes of Belgium

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How to become a member?

The Club is keen to open up to new members of all ages loking for genuine conviviality aound dishes and fine wines.

We advise people who are interested to join us to make a first contact with our secretariat.

Candidate members are invited to participate in one or two of our events to ensure that the activities and atmosphere of the Club correspond to their expectations. A sponsor accompanies them in their first contact with the Club and is happy to answer all their questions. If the candidate member demonstrates a real interest in the Club, a form will be sent to them.

At the Board meeting following the reception of the application by the Secretariat, the Council will consider the application and promptly communicate its decision to the applicant.

The candidate member becomes a full member after paying a single entry fee (currently € 200) and an annual membership fee (currently € 250). The annual fee is for a couple.